Lightning Network

April 5-7, 2019, Anywhere in the World


World's First Virtual Lightning Network
Conference and Hackathon

The Lightning Network was built around the idea of financial inclusivity. Anyone can make a purchase and should be able to do so pseudonymously. We believe cheap payments should be supported and content creators should be able to appropriately monetize their time with lightning payments as well.

This is why we've launched the first ever global Bolt-A-Thon. By hosting the event online, we are able to reach a world-wide developer community that isn't limited by hotel rooms or plane tickets. It also allows us to receive and process all payments into Lightning Bitcoin.

We invite you to join the Lightning revolution by listening to top Lightning Network developers in this space with a session ticket priced at ⚡250k (~$10 USD). Or join the hack-a-thon with a 100 satoshi "proof of node" buy in and team up to code alongside some of the best and brightest. On the last day, all hackers will present their projects and vote on their favorite. First place wins 0.3 BTC, second place wins 0.2 BTC, and third place wins 0.1 BTC!

5-7 April
Join a team and code
your own Lightning App
Lightning developers
sharing key insights
Potential new clients,
partners, & friends



6:00pm PDT
Hack-A-Thon Kick Off

After a short introduction, we will suggest themes for the Bolt-A-Thon. We will also go over the criteria hackers should use to vote for their favorite projects on the last day. Hackers will not be able to vote for their own projects.

10:00am PDT
Conference Kick Off

After a short introduction and a word from our sponsors, we will introduce the first speaker of the day.

10:30am PDT
Alex Bosworth

Major Limitations of the Lightning Network

11:30am PDT
Conner Fromknecht

Architecture of LND Watchtowers

1:00pm PDT
Fabrice Drouin

The Lightning Network in Action

2:00pm PDT
Trey Griffith

Atomic Swaps on Lightning

3:00pm PDT
Pierre Rochard

How to configure and launch your Bitcoin and Lightning nodes

4:00pm PDT
Max Hillebrand

The Economics of Lightning

5:00pm PDT
Rockstar Dev and Britt Kelly

Code-a-long and Q&A

6:00pm PDT
Rusty Russell

JSON Interface with c-lightning and Writing Extensions

7:00pm PDT
Justin Camarena

Using Lightning Network in Production

8:00pm PDT
Francois Rautenbach

Brick-and-Mortar payments on the Lightning Network

2:00 pm PDT
Bolt-A-Thon Presentations

Hackers will have 10 minutes to present their projects. Once everyone is finished, the hackers will vote for their favorite projects based on the criteria provided on day one. Judges will also score projects as well. First place will be awarded 0.3 BTC. Second place 0.2 BTC. Third place 0.1 BTC.

5:00pm PDT
Hack-A-Thon Closing Ceremonies

Winners announced and closing thoughts.


On the internet! We will be streaming all of our sessions online through zoom on our website. When you purchase a ticket, you will be given a unique code that you will be able to redeem to see the session. The code can also be redeemed through a zoom client if you prefer. Don't forget to sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the site to have the links to the sessions emailed directly to you!


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