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December 6-8, 2019, Everywhere in the World

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The Virtual Lightning Network Conference and Hackathon for the World

The mission of the Bolt-A-Thon is to foster the global development of the Lightning Network by hosting virtual conferences and hackathons. By hosting it online, we are able to make the top Lightning Network developers available to anyone in the world through speaker sessions. We are also able to create opportunities for hackers to experiment building on Bitcoin’s layer two technology.

Our first ever Bolt-A-thon was hosted on April 5-7, 2019 and we were blown away by the response. We had 300+ tickets sold, 14 Lightning Network projects submitted, and participants from all over the world including Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, Nigeria, and the United States. One of the winners of the Bolt-A-Thon, BottlePay, even went on to raise $2 MM!

We invite you to join us for the second ever Bolt-A-thon and take part of the Lightning revolution. It will be a three-day hacking event including a single day of speaker sessions in between. Buy a single session ticket for ⚡100k (~$10 USD) or join the hackathon with a ⚡100 “proof of node” buy in. On the last day, all hackers will present their projects and will also vote on their favorite ones. First place wins 0.2 BTC, second place wins 0.15 BTC, and third place wins 0.1 BTC!

6-8 December
Join a team and code
your own Lightning App
Lightning developers
sharing key insights
Participants in first event
Potential new clients,
partners, & friends



6:00pm PDT
Hack-A-Thon Kick Off

After a short introduction, we will provide themes for the Bolt-A-Thon. We will also go over the criteria hackers should use to vote for their favorite projects on the last day. Finally, the team behind LNURL will give a short workshop on how to integrate it into Lightning applications.

8:30am PDT
Jamal James

Polar: Better Tools for Lightning App Developers

9:00am PDT
Joost Jager

What’s Next for Whatsat: Plausible Futures for Chat Over Lightning

10:00am PDT
Brandon Curtis

REDSHIFT: Cross-Network Submarine Swaps for a Better Tomorrow

11:00am PDT
Christian Decker

Protocol Development Using c-lightning

12:00pm PDT
Lunch break

1:00pm PDT
Alex Bosworth

Lightning in 2020

2:00pm PDT
Lisa Neigut

Fast Strike: An Orientation Guide to bitcoind and c-lightning

3:00pm PDT
Fabrice Drouin

Deep dive into the design and implementation of eclair

4:00pm PDT
Rusty Russell

Advanced c-lightning Node Customization: Dangerous Hooks

5:00pm PDT
Rockstar Dev and Britt Kelly

BTCPayServer as your lightning node

2:00 pm PDT
Round 1 Bolt-A-Thon Presentations

Hackers will have until 2pm PDT to record and submit a 5 minute presentation on their projects. The judges will then go through each of the presentations and score them. The top 5 projects will be selected to present in Round 2.

5:00pm PDT
Round 2 Bolt-A-Thon Presentations

The top 5 projects will get 10 minutes to present their projects live in front of the judges and have a time for Q and A. Judges will then score the projects once more. All hackers may vote on their favorite presentations. Hackers may not vote for their own project.

6:00pm PDT
Closing Ceremonies

Winners announced and closing thoughts.

First place will be awarded 0.2 BTC, Second place 0.15 BTC, and Third place 0.1 BTC.


On the internet! We will be streaming all of our sessions online through zoom on our website. When you purchase a ticket, you will be given a unique code that you will be able to redeem to see the session. The code can also be redeemed through a zoom client if you prefer. Don't forget to sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the site to have the links to the sessions emailed directly to you!

Viewing Parties


Want to attend the Bolt-A-Thon in person? Check out the list below and join one of the many groups who've committed to hosting a viewing party in your area!

The Bolt-A-Thon is the first truly decentralized Lightning Network conference and hack-a-thon. In order to facilitate that, we encourage college campuses and meetup groups all over the world to host viewing parties of our speaker sessions on Dec. 7.


North America

D.C. Lightning

South America






If you'd like to organize your own Bolt-A-thon viewing party, please email us at boltathon(at)gmail.com


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